LOVEYOURBRAIN is the outreach campaign born from The Crash Reel and Kevin Pearce’s inspiring story. The campaign includes a variety of different initiatives, including infographics on what to do if you hit your head, discounts for snowboarders and skiers who wear a helmet at participating mountain resorts,  insurance information for athletes, a resource guide to help those with TBI, a share-your-story forum, a helmet pledge, giving the film for free to veterans with TBIs... and much more.

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Infographic: What to do if you hit your head? Our infographic cuts through the noise and gives you the information you need and makes it easy to share with your friends.

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SHARE YOUR STORY Be an inspiration and share your experience with brain injury. Post your stories to our Tumblr page, Facebook wall or email us. Check our Share Your Story page to read and share the many other stories that have been shared with us.


RESOURCE GUIDE We have done the research for you and have created a really easy to navigate resource guide to help you LOVEYOURBRAIN.

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THE KEVIN PEARCE FUNDThe Kevin Pearce Fund was created in partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation. The Kevin Pearce Fund supports organizations that enrich and enhance the lives of families and individuals affected by brain injury, Down syndrome, and other challenges.


WEAR A HELMET Pledge to wear a helmet and LOVEYOURBRAIN.

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REQUEST A SCREENINGIf your brain injury, medical group or organization wishes to hold a screening

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RESORT PARTNERSHIPS In March 2013 we created a LYB weekend with our partner Powder Mountain in Utah with giveaways, rail jam event, and screening. Get your resort signed up.

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