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US iTunes & VOD JANUARY 14th, 2014

Worldwide iTunes JANUARY 21st, 2014

US & Canada DVD FEBRUARY 4th, 2014

Looking to host a screening of THE CRASH REEL in your local theatre, community venue or campus? Then you’ve come to the right place to download all the resources to make it a success!

We're super excited you've chosen to host a screening and we'll do all we can to support it.

-- To host a screening at your local theater in the US head to our TUGG.COM page.

-- To host a screening at your school, college or community venue in the US or Canada head to our educational distributor page at Ro*co Educational.

-- To host a screening at your corporate venue please contact our corporate screening assoicate at Ro*co Films.

Here are our fun downloads to help you make a successful screening:

-- Our screening tool-kit PDF breaking it down for you.

-- The Crash Reel poster graphic.

-- The Crash Reel DIY screening flyer (includes example).

-- The Crash Reel social media avatar, FaceBook banner and other social media tools.

-- The Crash Reel DIY social media MEME templates (includes example).

-- Behind the scenes download bundle you can offer anyone that comes to the screening.

-- LoveYourBrain Infographic posters.

Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (WinSport's Canada Olympic Park), Calgary, Alberta - April 10th - Tix

Ithaca College, New York - April 17th

Baruch College, New York City - April 22nd

New York University - April 22nd

University of Maryland - April 22nd

College of Western Idaho - April 25th

Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon, Portland - April 26th - Tix

SUNY New Platz, New York - April 28th

Livestrong Foundation, Austin, TX - May 2nd

St. Albans Film Festival, St. Albans, U.K.  - May 3rd